What’s with New Nintendo Switch?

Have you heard about Nintendo?  Chances are yes.  It is so popular and it is the byword of most children, since many decades ago.  Who wouldn’t know of their popular video games before?

Nintendo is one of the worlds video game creator company in the world.  It is popular for its popular video games, such as Mario and Pokemon. The company is multinational and is headquartered in Kyoto, Japan.  Recently, it unveiled its new gaming product.  It is called the Nintendo Switch.  It is priced at $300 and a new game will cost you $60.  With this new product, Nintendo fanatics will surely rush to get one.

Features Of New Nintendo Switch

As a hybrid game console, it enables people to play games on their television or through its built–in monitor. The edge controllers, called Joy-Cons can be removed and can be use as an individual game pad.  Here are some of its features:

  1. Supports microSD cards. Since the new model has a a very little hard drive capacity of only 32GB, the space is not enough, considering that players are required to download some data.  However, it has the capability to support microSD card.  This gives more space for the players to store more datas as they require.
  2. It is undeniably the most powerful game console in the market today.  It comes with many features un-match in the industry.  However, it has a drawback does come with the battery.  It is not as big enough for you to be able to maximize the consoles its potentiality.
  3. Video Recording. It has the capability to record your game footage, which are sometimes, required of the players.  Unfortunately, the video recording is limited only to 30 seconds. Maybe, it is due to its small Memory capacity.
  4. Joy-Cons. This is remarkable as you can use it attached in the device and play the console like a handheld or used it as controllers, by detaching it from the console. The console is so flexible.
  5. IR Motion Cameras.  This allows the players to have a more enjoyable experience, while in the game.  It will give them the feel of what they are playing.
  6. Amiibo Support. It has an Amiibo support capability.
  7. Sharing Capability.  Nintendo players can actually play with their friends and family together and can even play with other Nintendo switch players online.
  8. Parental Controls. Parental control. A very important feature is easily included in the console.

With the release of this new console, gamers have the chance to enjoy a more advance and enjoyable experience in gaming.  The features included in the console, are designed to provide players a very remarkable experience.  It allows them to feel the game, like they are real and into it.

To add to the remarkable features it has, just take a look of the company itself.  Nintendo is Nintendo.  It is one of the most trusted companies, when it comes to gaming.

Gaming as fun as it is, it is still best to allow parents control over what and how their children play.  This is to make sure that their children are not mentally hooked into it.

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