Remarkable Escapade To Vina del Mar

Vina Del Mar

What’s in Vina del Mar?

Little is known about this place. Vina del Mar is one of the cleanest cities in Chile. It is strategically located within the region of Valparaiso and often called as DzLa Ciudad Jardindz or Graden City because of its beautiful parks filled with different gorgeous plants and other flowers. It is a well-known place for locals and foreigners to enjoy summer vacation. There are so many things you will surely find in Vina del Mar and some of these places are:

1. Renaca Beach – this beach is flock by many tourists especially during summer. You can do any water sports activity you want to do. It is situated in the northern part of Vina del Mar and is known as the one of the longest beach in Vina del Mar. Renaca is a developing town with its population slowly embracing the culture of 21st century.

2. Quinta Vergara Ampitheater – it can be found in the Parque Quinta Vergara in Vina del Mar. This is where the Vina del Mar Internatinal Song Festival is held every year. It is an open amphitheater that has a capacity of almost 20,000 people.

3. Wulff Castle – this castle is built on rocks by Gustavo Adolfo Wulff Mowte, in which its name is taken. It is one the most common tourists spots in Vina del Mar because of its unique architectural design and its structure is covered by rocks. This place is inspired by a medieval style.

Also, the most striking about this place is its history when it was given to the Municipality of Vina del Mar and later on became the museum for Maritime and Navy, and how it took place makes it more interesting to visit Wulff Castle.

Vina del Mar may not be as famous as other cities and may be overlooked by some people, but one thing is for sure, this city has something to be proud of.

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