Best 9 Top Load Washing Machines 2019

Top Load Washing Machine

Factors To Consider Before Buying Top Load Washing Machine

Top load washing machine is a vertically aligned drum. From the name itself, clothes are loaded and unloaded via door on the top. Using top load machine, you do not need to bend your body, it is safe for the children, door is not required to be sealed and this is good when you need to get your washing done quickly.

There are different models of top load washing machine. So, here are some factors that you can consider before buying a top load washing machine.

  1. Check the capacity. Choose the washing machine that can load more clothes at a time. It will save more time and energy. Especially when you only have a day per week to do the laundry and needs to do multiple wash loads at a time. The larger the capacity, the more you save energy. Choose the washing machine that is good for the size of your family.
  2. Check the smart wash settings and the temperature control.  There is a washing machine that has smart wash setting which offers plenty of programs for different clothes. It is also important to have temperature control settings because hot water cleans the clothes better.
  3. Know the materials used for the tub. There are washing machines with plastic tub and there are also washing machine with stainless tub. The washer with stainless tub can stand with high spin speed. It will be more efficient if you have higher spin speed.
  4. Check the spin speed. For faster and quicker drying of clothes, a higher rmp is required. Rpm stands for revolution per minute. Ideal spin speed is 800-1200 rpm for quicker drying and is good for thicker clothes like jackets, jeans, and many more. The higher the spin speed of the washer, the quicker the drying of clothes.
  5. Consider the price. Even if the top load washing machine is costly, it has good performance and very efficient. If you only need to wash few clothes, you do not need to pay much for the features you do not need. It will just be a waste of money and energy cost is high.
  6. Consider the functionality. Functionality of the washing machine is defined by its function requirements. This refers as to how the top load washing machine is made directly for the users and for their convenience. The higher the price of the top load washing machine, the better the functionality.
  7. Check the warranties and supports. Even if the price is high, it does not mean we get good benefits in terms of warranties and supports. There are brands of top load washing machine which have reasonable price and offers better support and warranty. As well as its functionality.

Top load washing machine is different with front load washing machine in terms of time, water and energy efficiency. However, top load washing machines have cheaper price. Choose the washing machine that is good for you and your family and at the same time, good for your budget.

Best 9 Top Load Washing Machines 2019

There are several models of top load washing machines and this might make you confuse as to what to choose and purchase. Many models of washing machine from the best-known manufacturers are reviewed. So, here are the best 9 top load washing machines.

1. LG WT7200CV – This washing machine is the most efficient machine with large capacity that ideal for king-size comforters. It has eight cycle selections, you can specify wash options as well as wash temperature. By just using your smartphone, you can have the control for the start and stop of wash cycle. It also has long, strong warranty.

2. Samsung WA54M8750AV/A4 – This machine has built-in sink. With this, it is more easy to pre-treat stains. This machine can be connected to wifi, you will receive alerts if the cycle is already done as well as reminder every forty-wash cycle. You can also troubleshoot problems by just using the app – wherever you are.

3. GE GTW330ASKWW – This washing machine has automated load sensor which reduces the amount of water you use for each load of laundry. You will spend less money for operating this machine. Its dispenser is also automatic and is good for fabric softener.

4. Kenmore 28132 – Considering this machine’s large capacity, it has nice, reasonable price. It has impeller which gives you lots of room for big loads including bulkiest items.  This has powerful spray jets and impeller motion for the clothes to keep moving and remove deep dirt at the same time.

5. Amana NTW4516FW – This machine is very affordable.  This is small and almost the same as the traditional machines. This has clean-washer cycle for the washer to be free from soap and even bacteria. It has bleach dispenser so that the bleach will be spread evenly.

6. Frigidaire FFTW4120SW – This is a modern machine and is good for the budget. This is known for its energy efficiency. This washing machine is highly efficient and designed to used with cleansers with great ability. This machine has favorite cycle button. This button saves your preferred setting including soil level, temperature of the water and other setting.

7. Hotpoint HTW240ASKWS – This machine is affordable and compact that makes it inexpensive to use.  This has agitator-style and smaller compared to other models. The functionality and the design’s simplicity are the reasons why it is catchy for the buyers. Its load size comes with preset water levels, but you can still reset it depending on how much water you want.

8. Whirlpool WTW7500GW – This machine has reasonable price. It is costly but it is more like an upgrade instead of replacement to your old washing machine. This machine can sense the size of each load, then adapts the water levels as well as the wash actions.

9. Kenmore Elite 31633 – This washing machine has the largest capacity. This is specifically designed to use less water wherein you can save money. It has eleven wash cycles and you have options for soil levels as well as in wash-and-rinse temperatures.

All the models of top load washing machines have good features and others are a little disappointing, but before you choose a specific model, you must consider the size of your house – if it will take so much space. Also, consider the size of your family. Most especially, the most budget-friendly model.

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