Factors To Consider Before Buying Bluetooth Headsets

Bluetooth headsets allows you to  talk or listen in hands free. This is good while doing some other things or multi-tasking. This is connected to the cellphone or a computer. However, from a wired headset, there are now wireless headsets using Bluetooth only. These are called Bluetooth Headsets.

Buying Bluetooth headset is a little bit confusing because it has different models and each model works differently. There are factors you can consider before buying a Bluetooth headset. These factors are:

  • Check the sound quality. Bluetooth is not meant for a high-quality audio transmission and audio is compressed that is why it may sound bad. However, choose the headset which is equipped with aptX technology. If the headset is equipped with aptX, the audio quality will sound more likely with CDs because the compression of the audio is done differently. For more understanding, AptX technology is a family of proprietary audio codec compression algorithms owned by Qualcomm.
  • Consider the form, comfort and size. These are the three areas what most buyers focus. The buyer should choose the perfect form and design that somehow fits the taste and personality. For the size, the buyer must choose the size that is not too big and not too small. Basically, the perfect size for you. Considering the form and size, this will give comfort to the user and it will be hassle free.
  • Test the controls. Check the controlling things from the earpieces themselves. Some headsets have touch controls and there are also headsets that can only be controlled using voice or by external apps, but these kinds of headsets are limited. By checking the controls, it will also determine if the headset suits you because there are some instances that the controls do not suit like with the gym-goers or anyone.
  • Consider the battery life. This is necessary and really needs to be considered. Bluetooth headsets can already give good few hours of battery and can be used for quite few hours every day.  However, every user wants to have headsets with longer battery life. So, better check and choose the headset with longer battery life. If you have extra wired headset, then you can use it for the mean time while the Bluetooth headset is being charged.
  • Consider the price. High quality headsets also come with high cost or price. If you want to take advantage to a headset with advanced features, good design, better noise cancellation, better sound quality, then you must pay quite a lot of money. If it is just for listening music or voice chatting, then cheaper pair of headsets are just fine.

Bluetooth headsets are hassle free and very convenient.  It will be more convenient if you choose the perfect headset that suits you, your taste and your personality. If not, it will only be a waste of money. It is better to spend a lot of money for one-time expense than spend a little money for multiple time.

Best 9 Bluetooth Headsets 2019

After many years of inventing and testing of Bluetooth headsets, there are now models with top-notch performance and offers the best features. Bluetooth headset is a device that is good for any situation. This could be used for listening to music, voice chatting, and even at work. Here are the best 9 Bluetooth headsets in 2019.


Jabra Stealth

1. Jabra Stealth – This is the headset with the best overall performance. It is comfortable, simple and very effective. It also gains high remarks for its audio quality and it can last for six hours and will take two hours to fully charge. This headset offers more options and it is the lightest.


Motorola Boom 2+


2. Motorola Boom 2+ –  This headset has basic functionality. This is not a top-tier headset, but it has good remarks in terms of overall call quality. This has good battery life. This Bluetooth Headset is not just dust resistant but also a water resistant.



Jabra Eclipse

3. Jabra Eclipse –  This headset is lightweight for only six grams and quirky. But it is extremely comfortable and is known for its simplicity. The battery can last for three hours. This headset has no buttons and uses voice commands or taps only.


Plantronics Voyager 5200


4. Plantronics Voyager 5200 – This is a reversible headset which can be used in the left or right ear. The height of the earpiece is not adjustable so, the fit might hit or miss. This an around-the-ear earpiece. This headset is also good for business and outdoor use because it has four microphones to eliminate annoying noise including the wind.


Jabra Steel

5. Jabra Steel – This headset is the best choice for hectic environments. This is good for loud, outdoor environments. This Bluetooth headset is not just water and dust resistant but also a shock resistant. Its buttons are large enough to press but you can also use a voice command.



Voyager 3200

6. Voyager 3200 – This Bluetooth headset has excellent call clarity, but the sound quality is shallower. It has versatile design and professional-looking. This comes with a portable case. This optimal charging case is useful and convenient at the same time for staying charged and connected.



Jabra Motion

7. Jabra Motion – This is an around ear type of earpiece which is comfortable, and the height is adjustable. It registers voice commands quickly but sometimes fails to register when the paired phone receives a call. It is a descent headset and it had flip down microphone which serves as on or off switch.


Sennheiser Presence


8. Sennheiser Presence – This is a nice-looking device but uncomfortable to use and expensive. It has low volume range but has excellent battery life. It has three microphones system to eliminate noise of your calls including the wind and traffic.




VXI BlueParrot Reveal9. VXI BlueParrot Reveal – This headset is noticeably lacking but works fun in terms of call performance. It has customizable button and has the best volume range. This device has elegant device. In terms of sound quality, there are other brands that is worth to buy. But in this device, companion app can be used to speed dial a contact and even certain apps.


The Jabra Stealth has the highest rating, but if you cannot afford, there are other options. You just choose the model that suits in the situation that you have – if you are an athlete, music lover, working, or etc. You should be dependent to the situation you have because you do not need to pay much for the features you don’t need.


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