Trip To West Virginia

West Virginia is considerably one of the most beautiful places in the country, with its magnificent and fascinating landscapes, valleys and green mountains, who will not love this place. With its unspoiled natural wonders, West Virginia has become popular tourists’attractions. If you are a traveler or an adventurer, how about try to explore and discover this gorgeous place? You will surely love this place. There are many things to see and do in here that will surely interest you and even your family.

1. Tamarack – is also known as the best in West Virginia. You can find the best man-made crafted materials in here. If you are the kind of person who just loves to see creative handmade collections, then West Virginia is just right for you. You can buy your family and friends some of these handmade crafts for souvenirs.

2. Summersville Lake – are you the kind of person who prefer outdoor activities? Well, you might want to consider this place as it has the best view for camping, you can also do kayaking, canoeing, and a lot more. It also has this stunning view of green trees and wild plants along the way. It is also a great place to watch the sunset in West Virginia. If you still have more energy to end up your night, you can try and join special evening tours conducted of course by the management of the place.

3. Black water Fall State Park – it is considered as one of the most popular tourist destinations in West Virginia. It has lots of activities prepared for all of you. You can do boating, fishing, hiking or just exploring the historical sites of the place.

West Virginia is a little paradise that is still able to preserve its natural wonders. You will surely love this place once you visit it.

Visit Virginia For A Romantic Experiences

Looking for fun-filled activities this summer? Anything particular in mind? How about visiting the Virginia, USA? Virginia is considered to be the birthplace of America. It is a beautiful country that has several attraction sites for tourists and locals alike such as art museums, national parks, beautiful gardens, and amazing landscapes, lovely and romantic sceneries that is why Virginia is also known as the place for lovers.

1. Shenandoah Valley – it is the best place for any outdoor activities such as hiking, nature trekking, camping and a lot more. This valley has some of Virginia’s best waterfalls. But the most popular attraction in the place is the Skyline Drive in which you can see the magnificent sceneries of the valleys and mountains below.

2. Virginia Beach – it is one of the biggest and most popular beaches in Virginia. This place has various luxurious hotels and restaurants, a museum and a botanical garden as well as some amusement parks. You cannot just enjoy the beauty of the sea but you can also do some nature trekking.

3. Charlottesville – it is the home of the historic University of Virginia. Inside the Charlottesville are numerous places to do some shopping, sightseeing, and food tripping. The ambiance of the place will surely make you never leave the place.

4. Colonial Williamsbug – if you are one of a cultural or history fanatic, this place is surely just for you. It is the place for some historical and colonial homes, schools and other buildings that were built way back 1700’s. This is also the most popular place to do some educational tour as well as sightseeing for tourists.

Planning on visiting Virginia this summer? Might as well, list your itinerary now and never forget to list down the above mentioned places. You will surely have some fun!

Remarkable Escapade To Vina del Mar

What’s in Vina del Mar?

Little is known about this place. Vina del Mar is one of the cleanest cities in Chile. It is strategically located within the region of Valparaiso and often called as DzLa Ciudad Jardindz or Graden City because of its beautiful parks filled with different gorgeous plants and other flowers. It is a well-known place for locals and foreigners to enjoy summer vacation. There are so many things you will surely find in Vina del Mar and some of these places are:

1. Renaca Beach – this beach is flock by many tourists especially during summer. You can do any water sports activity you want to do. It is situated in the northern part of Vina del Mar and is known as the one of the longest beach in Vina del Mar. Renaca is a developing town with its population slowly embracing the culture of 21st century.

2. Quinta Vergara Ampitheater – it can be found in the Parque Quinta Vergara in Vina del Mar. This is where the Vina del Mar Internatinal Song Festival is held every year. It is an open amphitheater that has a capacity of almost 20,000 people.

3. Wulff Castle – this castle is built on rocks by Gustavo Adolfo Wulff Mowte, in which its name is taken. It is one the most common tourists spots in Vina del Mar because of its unique architectural design and its structure is covered by rocks. This place is inspired by a medieval style.

Also, the most striking about this place is its history when it was given to the Municipality of Vina del Mar and later on became the museum for Maritime and Navy, and how it took place makes it more interesting to visit Wulff Castle.

Vina del Mar may not be as famous as other cities and may be overlooked by some people, but one thing is for sure, this city has something to be proud of.

Best Tourist Spots in Hongkong: Must-go Places You Shouldn’t Miss

Planning to embark on a holiday trip to Hong Kong but got no idea about what places to visit? Worry no more! Here, we give you four of the Best Attractions in Hong Kong you shouldn’t miss. Read on and find out more about these top-of the-list tourist spots which will forever be etched in Hong Kong History.

Victoria Peak (The Peak)

Victoria Peak is the highest peak in Hong Kong which offers a spectacular view of Hong Kong’s cityscapes, lush sceneries and awesome skyline. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Chinese region. The Peak will let you enjoy the sight of a bustling city and urban area and at the same time find peace in the tranquil greenery while you ride the tram going to the top.

Ocean Park

If you’re a marine life enthusiast, Hong Kong’s Ocean Park is the right place for you. This awesome sea-life theme park was opened in 1977 and has since been leaving visitors and travelers feeling wonderstruck with their huge oceanarium, thrill rides and animal shows. Some of the major attractions include a Thrill Mountain, Rainforest, Amazing Asian Animals exhibit and Shark Mystique.

Lantau Island: The Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery

The Big Buddha in Hong Kong is a giant bronze statue of Buddha Shakyamuni located in the Lantau Island. This popular tourist attraction is being flocked by a huge number of Asian pilgrims despite its remote location. The 34-meter high sitting Buddha, which was erected in 1993, took 12 years to complete and is a perfect place for contemplation. For a closer look at this majestic statue, you can climb the 268 steps while enjoying the surrounding view.

Also located in Lantau Island is the Po Lin Monastery, a beautiful Buddhist monastery and temple complex. This high-ceilinged structure has a shrine hall, exhibition hall for Buddhist relics, a Scripture Library and many other spiritual facilities. This secluded temple boasts of impressive interiors – an evidence of the brilliant Interior Design Services industry in the region. The monastery stands tall with lavishly painted walls and magnificent flora, drawing a huge number of visitors and worshippers year on year from all over the world.

Victoria Harbour

This is another top attraction that you should include in your list of must-go places if ever you’re planning to go to Hong Kong. You can go for a stroll along the harbour while enjoying Hong Kong’s skyline and iconic buildings. From Victoria Harbour you can witness a daily night show called “Symphony of Lights” — this stunning multimedia show features over 40 buildings in Hong Kong with dancing lights, laser beams display and cultural music, symbolizing Hong Kong’s vibrant energy and rich culture.

People who had the opportunity to visit the Best Attractions in Hong Kong had become witness to a successful economy, a thriving urban centre with beautifully-designed buildings, a breathtaking skyline, magnificent spiritual landmarks and vast tradition. Hong Kong has still a lot more in store for you than what you see in advertisements, sponsored websites and tourist magazines. So plan that Hong Kong holiday travel now and see for yourself!