4 Advantages Of Using A Heat Press Machine

What Is Heat Press?

It’s a machine used where you can lay your shirt and add graphics on it. It can be used for business purpose for selling t-shirt or it could be for your hobbies, since you are planning to buy why not make some money out of it? Get further understanding of what heat press is here.

Are you a businessman who wants to have a printing business? Or you are just a teen who wants to customize shirts? Are you having any doubts about which method you will use in printing designs to your shirts? Or your friend just recommend you to buy a heat press machine, but do not have any idea about it. What are the advantages you will have when you choose to buy a heat press machine? Read on and see for yourself.

Here are the 4 advantages of using a heat press machine:

Even Beginners Can Do It

Heat press machines are very easy to use, even beginners can do heat press printing. It is an easier method than the screen printing method. Because in this method you just need to have a paper with a print on it and transfer it to the shirt by putting a heat press. And having this machine will lessen your effort. The machine is like an Iron, you just need to apply the heat and pressure to the shirt for it to work. You can even do it with your old clothes and make it new, even do it at home.

Minor Mess

In this method you do not need to apply dyes and solvents to your shirt manually, which also means that you do not need to clean the screen, apply dyes on the screen and run the screen like in screen printing, because in heat press machine you will just need to transfer the print in the paper to the shirt by applying heat and pressure using the machine. So having this machine will save you time in cleaning the mess you will make.

Quality Products

Heat press machines were designed to produce high quality designs to your shirts. It is very quick to use and it does not mean that you will have a dull product. Because having an equal heat and pressure to the shirt, the designs would be equally printed with a high a quality. Whatever you see in the paper, will transfer it directly to your shirt without damaging the color and design. It works just like a sticker tattoo.

Less Expenses

Having a heat press machine will not cost you much, the machine is very affordable. And if you are running a business using this machine, having small loads of shirts is recommended for a cheaper price, because the shirt will become more expensive if there will be lots of shirts to print. Not like in screen printing, the more shirts you print, the lesser the price will be. Plus, it will help you save money.

There are lots of advantages when you use the heat press method, and also there are disadvantages to consider. What matters here is the customer and print maker’s preference. If you want to have small loads of printing or you only request 5- 6 shirts it is best to have the heat press, and if you are running a huge business or requesting the printer to print more shirts it is best to choose the screen printing method.