7 Tips To Secure Dog In Your Car – Car Travel

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Have been looking for ways to secure your dog for car travel? I have listed top 7 tips to secure your dog for car travel.

1. Dog Crate For Travel – the best and secure product to keep your dog in the car from leash is to put them inside the dog crate for travel. You can easily bring it anywhere you go, put it in the backseat, front seat and everywhere in your car. You can rest your head knowing that your dog is safe from jumping out of the car and has enough air flow. It keeps your dog comfortable and relaxed in car drives. But it’s essential to consider the size of your dog from the crate you want to buy, since you need to keep your dog feel comfortable and it should have the freedom to stand up or move around.

2. Barrier for Back Seat – protect yourself as your drive by putting a barrier in the backseat. It’s effective for traveling or car drive, by giving your dog it’s own space and freedom. Just make sure you close the windows, especially for dogs who have a habit of jumping out of the window. Giving them a freedom but at the same time keeping the privacy for you and your dog.

3. Seat Belt For Dogs – just like humans, your pet can have it’s own seatbelt, to prevent them from going to the drivers seat and jumping. It can fit to any types of car. In the backseat, use the seatbelt and click to the collar of your dog. Just make sure that you adjust the seat belt to give a bit of space for your dog to conveniently sit or lie down.

4. Dog Harness Zipline – a product that works the same as seatbelt. It’s hooked up in each side and let’s you tie your dog, giving it limited space for it to move but has a freedom to go each side. It’s also very easy to install. It helps prevent your dog from jumping and distracting you from driving.

5. Hammock Pet Car – a comfy way to keep your dog secure from travel. The backseat hammock, it helps secure your dog from sharp turns or bumpy rides. If your dog loves to lie down during travel, then this would be perfect for your pet. Also, it can protect your seat from dirt, scratches and spills.

6. Car Seat For Pets – a stylish and secure way to keep your dog placed inside the car. It’s comfy, soft and installation is easy. Also, it’s easy to clean since it’s washable. It’s perfect for small dogs, around 20lbs.,. It keeps your dog have less space to move keeping them secure while on travel.

7. Cargo Guard – if you own a crossover or SUV, then take advantage of the cargo guard for your dogs. These type of product is placed on your cargo to help guard your dog from going inside the car. Installation is very easy and ideal for large dogs. It gives them more space to move around but prevents them to go inside the car.

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