3 Things You Should Know About Fidget Spinners

Fidget Spinner

To have been living in an era where technology and trends runs around and keeps the world a busier place, it is not a surprise that there are so many things – even toys, taking on the world by storm and manages to make it to the headlines. Just April this year, a new trendy, most Googled toy rises to the top and it just can be seen in almost everyone’s fingertips. These handheld devices are of appearance similar to a ceiling fan but they can’t be more different from each other. Here are three (3) most trivial things you need to know about fidget spinners.

Where It Came From

The spinning toys which original façade is unknown was invented way back in the 90s by Catherine Hettinger, a creator based in Florida, who saw a scene in which children were throwing rocks at a policeman. She then decided that kids needed something to release their pent up energy. Hettinger was unsuccessful in selling the said toy but however in some way, was modernized and came to what we know and see now but it still is a mystery to where this all started. A lot of articles claim to just have observed the increase in searches for fidget spinners in Google around April this year. Some say the banning of the toy from a school was the source of the spark for the trend but no concrete information was found.

What Is Its Purpose?

These were originally designed to help children with attention disorders like ADHD and also to relieve anxiety and stress. But, scientists cleared up the understanding of its purpose and have said that these are not “tools” for therapy for there are lacking empirical evidence for its capability but it “helps” in calming people with stress. It is believed that the sound the toy makes while spinning and the sensation the spinner feels calms the person. It is also convenient because of its size and can be carried everywhere. However, there are also negative feedbacks on its effects that question its purpose. It has been observed in many students that the toys cause them to lose focus in school thus leading to the toys being banned in some schools.

Danger It Can Bring To Your Children

Like everything in this world, good things have always a bad side. Aside from the reported lack of focus for students using the spinners, dangers include having some of the toy’s parts to have been choked in some children and there are even reported eye injuries in others. Because of its popularity, some manufacturers, especially illegal ones have produced spinners which may contain unsafe chemicals such as lead.

Toys as they are, fidget spinners really should be admired as to giving enjoyment to the children who use it, even adults. But we also need to be cautious about everything, they may be little, but the way we use it is always how it matters. Just enjoy it for as we all know, trends don’t always last forever.

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